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    Mezzaluna Island Summary

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    Mezzaluna Island Summary Empty Mezzaluna Island Summary

    Post by Sen on Mon Oct 29, 2018 8:34 pm

    Mezzaluna Island Summary

    General Info: Mezzaluna is a rather small island. It is shaped like a crescent with the two points of the crescent almost coming together. Thus creating a small harbor inside the island. It was created by a now inactive volcano that dominates the center of the island.

    Appearance: There are two main views that are possible as you approach the island. Either view contains rising above the otherwise flat island the now inactive volcano that once was the progenitor of the whole island. It stands large and fairly green as it is covered in bamboo now that the bamboo is free to grow without being burned down by lava.

    The two main views are split into, the normal one, which is almost always the one you'll see. Which consists of a coastline of beach that has a spattering of palm, coconut, and banana trees. Further back will likely be wooden buildings generally of one of the three lesser towns that are upon Mezzaluna. If you are between them you will probably find yourself staring at a bamboo forest.

    The second view and generally rarer view is a view of the fairly narrow entrance to the inner harbor of the island's crescent. Within the harbor, one is likely to find a few large marine vessels docked at the Lunato Marine Port. They are generally here to drop off new recruits or here to restock.

    Climate: Mezzaluna Island has a semi-tropical climate. If not for the cool tropical winds which constantly cross the island the island would be extremely humid and hot. Instead, the winds keep it vaguely cool upon the island. And when its not raining (which is fairly often) the weather is actually quite pleasant tending to be fairly sunny.

    Habitat: There is practically no unique fauna on Mezzaluna Island. The most diverse group of fauna (apart from fish) are the birds and those are generally migratory from other parts of the seas not unique to Mezzaluna. Any animal life upon this island other than those two is likely to be some sort of household pet.

    The flora of Mezzaluna consists mainly of a multitude of different types of bamboo which grow across the unincorporated parts of the island including on the slopes of the volcano. A special type of bamboo found specifically on the slopes of the volcano contains a dangerous neurotoxin which if ingested is strong enough to knock out a grown man for a week. It should be easy to avoid because it is from a specific type of bamboo which has an obvious telltale sign of being purple.

    Apart from that palm, banana, and coconut trees are common across the island. Other than that some subset of lush greenery including ferns, and large flowers can be found across the island none of them particularly dangerous.

    Island Challenges:

    The Marine Patrol Squad is onto the Underground Fight Club. You have been recruited to pull them off the scent. Will you draw off the marine police and risk capture or will you turn them in. The reward is greater with the Fight Club.

    Arnold's Victory
    Arnold has asked you to rig the tournament so that he can win. Will you train him to be a better fighter? Will you knock out all his competition? There are many choices but just get him to the finish line. He will be more than willing to share the prize money.

    Notable NPC(s):

    Commodore Charles Bradley
    Commodore Bradley is an older member of the marines. He is a very charismatic man who uses his skills very wisely. Bradley has a good sense of humor and is likable and is the main reason why the relations between the Marines and the civilians are so good. As the commanding officer at Lunata Marine Ports, he oversees the general management of the port base. He is also chief training officer though normally he delegates such duties that he would have to his staff.

    While he is more elderly he is not to be underestimated, Commodore Bradley earned his rank through many a campaign against the pirates of his time. He has very much earned his position and though his strength has been waning as of late he is more than a match for any new-bloods coming up the line.

    Captain Chao Sun
    A top-ranking marine stationed at the base, Captain Chao Sun is one of the most strict trainers within the staff of Lunata Marine Port. He is known to constantly clash with Commodore Bradley due to a difference in views on enforcement of justice. Unlike Commodore Bradley, he is quite young, a little young for his rank. To many, he is viewed as a shoo-in for the Commodore's position upon the man's retirement. To others, he is a slightly tyrannical man. The leader of the Marine Police Patrol Squad, Chao Sun is a proponent of absolute justice and will stop at nothing to see it done. Some speculate he may be stronger than Commodore Bradley, but his rashness can sometimes get him into more trouble than good.

    The now portly middle-aged man who runs Glenn's Pub for Alements, Glenn's portly shape hides the skills and scars of the man who was once the multiple-time champion of the Mezzaluna Underground Fight Club. Now, apart from running his pub he also runs the underground fight club. He is a stern and stubborn man when not drunk when he is he is hilariously different being very open and boisterous. He keeps a holy forged sword on the wall of his pub, it is his most prized possession as it is the weapon that won him multiple championships.

    A young well built civilian around town. He is a normal competitor in the Underground Fight Club. With nothing but his fists, he enters every time but has never gotten past the second round of the tournament. He is a likable fellow who is trying to win the tournament to woo a girl. How pitiable ...


    Lunata Port Marines
    The Lunata Port Marines are made up of a small highly skilled backbone of marines, and trainers surrounded by recruits still in training. Led by Commodore Charles Bradley, a good-humored and popular commander who maintains good relations with residents of the island. The Lunata Port Marine recruits rotate duties between running the base and training. It is an efficient program that is well known for creating well trained and well-rounded crew members for the crews of Grand Line based marine crews.

    Marine Police Patrol Squad
    A smaller more radical sect of the marine recruits existing on the island. These marines generally act a little beyond the scope of their duties. Led by Captain Shao Sun, a ruthless man, they are supposed to keep the peace among the islanders but are often found overstepping their bounds and invading properties based solely on rumors that there might be pirates there. In general, they tend to give Commodore Charles Bradly a headache and strain the relations between the marines and the residents.

    Mezzluna Underground Fight Club
    Set in Scorrere Town, the underground fight club is a combination of fighting tournament and betting center running unlawful free for all tournaments once a week. For many fighters, it is a good way to make money as the prize almost always exceeds fifty thousand beri. But the real way to make money is by betting, final matches have had people walking away with hundreds of thousands of beri. The tournament is a no-rules one-on-one single elimination tournament with regulars and people with bounties seeded higher than no-name fighters. This can be quite the deadly tournament. It is currently run by a former champion Krit Dagur.


    Lunata Marine Port
    The Lunata Marine Port is set on the inner shore of the crescent of Eldoran Island. The Marine Port consists of dozens of buildings set in a semi-circle around the inner harbor. The main building is sent on the slope of the volcano, around it are many of the other main administration buildings. On the outside ring are most of the residential buildings which are just long halls of beds for the recruits. At the far end of the base, there are large sheds full of supplies. Areas within and around the base tend to be large open fields for use as training grounds. Along the edge of the shore are multiple docks enough to house at least six marine warships at a time. The total population of the base is nearly 1,500 marines.

    Mercanzie Town
    Set on the western side of the island, Mercanzie Town is generally the first town sighted by people coming down the Grand Line. As such it has a lot of traveler-friendly businesses. Lots of general stores and specialty shops for all sorts of knick-knacks that are useful for traveling. There is even supposedly a shop that specializes in log poses. Though many of them are apparently fake. Mercanzie Town has something around 400 residents.

    Albergo Town
    Set on the eastern side of the island, Albergo Town is similar to Mercanzie Town except for it specializes in inns and pubs. The population of this town is barely one hundred residents, but it sees a lot of travelers passing through which can make the population swell by a few hundred. It's a pretty shoddy town overall mostly wooden buildings set along the shore. It has a few makeshift docks whose owners charge the fair penny for their use. Albergo Town is generally the departure point from the island for non-marines.

    Scorrere Town
    The largest of the civilian towns on Mezzaluna Island it is also the most rambunctious. Set on the opposite side of the volcano from the Lunata Marine Port. Scorrere Town has a population of nearly eight hundred. Being the major mass of residents of the island it is the most residential and the most normal in terms of what can be found here. This is also home to the Underground Fight Club. Set in the basement of one of the largest buildings it is actually across the street from Glenn's Pub of Alements. On the outside of town, there is a large mansion that is owned by Arnold. Not many of the residents actually know that Arnold lives there but he does.

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