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    Thornas Grove Summary

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    Thornas Grove Summary Empty Thornas Grove Summary

    Post by Sen on Mon Oct 29, 2018 10:29 am

    Thornas Grove

    General Info: Thornas Grove is a rather small Island, about a third the size of the Sabaody Archipelago. There is a small piece of the actual island surrounded by the Rosevine Mangroves.

    Appearance: It is a large body of mangrove with a green surface and high above the canopy of the mangroves. The water around the island is a bluish-green color, beneath it are coral reefs with a colorful menagerie of fish.

    Climate: Thornas Grove is set in a very tropical climate. The air is very humid and in general can feel like walking in water. The temperature is an average of 23 degrees Celsius (73 degrees Fahrenheit), it is generally so warm that even on days when it rains the rain can feel warm. The island spends half of the year in the rainy season where it rains nearly every day for the majority of the day. Because the climate is not as steady the bubbles which Sabaody is famous for do not appear half as often.


    Thornas Grove is dominated by the plant life known as the Rosevine Mangrove Tree. They reach from the sea floor to hundreds of feet up in the sky. The trees are a lot shorter because of the presence of a plate of earth that’s a little higher than the island is set on. Upon the Rosevine Mangroves there are no special types of flora, instead, there is only what the people who live on the island bring.

    Rosafin Fish – A large rose gold marlin-like fish that lives in the coral reefs around the island. They are highly aggressive living solitarily in the waters. To some extent, these fish are revered by the fishmen and merfolk who live under Thornas Grove. For the people above water, these fish are highly prized for their meat. Also, Rosafin Fish’s skin is used to aid with coating ships for long journeys under water.

    Aqua Basilisk – Residing in a cove hidden deep in the corals the water basilisk is a sea monster on par with the Sea Kings of the Calm Belt. It is a large serpentine creature which preys on the Rosafin Fish who make their home around this creature. It is a dangerous enough creature that the sea people who also make their home under the island give it a lot of room. The creature’s breath has a minor paralytic gas which it is immune to. The creature has a crazy looking face that many people freeze upon seeing more out of stupefaction than fear. It is also known to attack people that prey on its prey the Rosafin Fish.

    Island Challenges:

    Alarming Game
    You've been requested to obtain some Rosafin Fish for Restaurant Papaya. Go to grove 16 and ask for a diving suit and get to it. Just be careful the Aqua Basilisk which makes its home in the waters is always on the prowl for those that would mess with its prey. Not to mention the Rosafin Fish are already dangerous, with their fast speeds and marlin-like piked nose.

    Notable NPC(s):

    Captain K. Seymour
    Captain K. Seymour is the leader of the 69th Marine Outpost stationed on Thornas Grove. He is a realistic man, he knows that his small group cannot affect overly much. So instead he picks his situations carefully and makes smart judgment calls generally. He does not enjoy using the ship under his command so it generally sits unused at the outpost's dock.

    Makh' Deimond
    Makh' Deimond is the president of the Thornwright Guild. He is a retired coater and leads the guild through his seniority and the respect he has cultivated. He is outwardly jolly and nice which helps to explain why he is generally liked by all on the island. Underneath he is a cunning man with a very good eye for character and generally good instincts. Through these, he has maintained the island without it falling to either pirates, revolutionaries or marines.

    Sandwhei is a sand tiger shark species fishmen that is one of the more well known non-guild coaters. He is more well known because he has ties to the Clandestine Fish Market. He works out of one of the fish shops that acts as a front for the market. This is partially because he enjoys fishing in his free time. He is a competent fighter with a harpoon and an adept user of Fishman Karate. Sandwhei has all the looks necessary to charm (despite being a fishman) his way through some of the more questionable situations he gets into.


    Thornwright Guild - The majority of coaters that work at Thornas Grove are part of the Guild. The guild maintains a certain requirement of quality, cost, etc. upon its members. It also protects its own from robbery, they even have their own set of enforcers to make sure payments go through. These enforcers are strong enough to face off with the majority of pirates than come through.

    Clandestine Fish Market - The major port for the movement of black market goods through the frontal part of the Grand Line. It fronts itself as a place for the buying and selling of fish especially the Rosafin Fish. They even run a slave market but its a much smaller enterprise than what is on Sabaody. It is not underground but instead inhabits a set of stores that act as a front for it. The marines are aware of its existence but due to their fragile presence on the island they do not interfere.

    69th Marine Outpost - Without being a fully fledged base, the Marines keep a small contingent of marines on the island. They are not well stocked and get by barely by the skill of their members. It is led by Captain K. Seymour. They are equipped with a medium-sized Marine ship with a regular cannon gundeck.


    Groves 1-5
    Home of the majority of the fishing business on the island. Groves 1-5 are full of fish shops, including the main large market on Grove 3 which is the main base for the Clandestine Fish Market. There are some residences in these groves as well but the folk here are unruly and a little lawless. The docks which face the sea are generally filled with ships who have hidden their true identity and purpose.

    Groves 6-8
    Similar to Groves 1-5, Groves 6-8 is the home to some of the black market trade which goes on on the island. They are a little more subtle about it becomes of their proximity to the guild. The folk here seem nicer but are generally the same as those on Groves 1-5.

    Groves 9-13
    Mainly restaurants and shops, Groves 9-13 are the middle class in their function for the society of Thornas Grove. It contains a lot of places that the coaters like to go to eat or spend breaks because of its proximity to the Guild headquarters.

    Main Island
    Home to what used to be the main government building for this island it has been taken over by the Thornwright Guild. Its massive building is used as the guild's headquarters while still governing the island. Most of the guild-affiliated coaters have offices in this building.

    The Guild building also has a log pose trade center. Because of how long it takes for a log pose to set, it is common on this island for people to keep log poses and just trade them to shorten the trip. Not all log poses in the trade center will have been completely set but they are most likely closer to being ready then people who just arrived.

    Groves 14-16
    Another shopping district, Groves 14-16, contain mainly groceries and other supplies for daily life as well as life on a ship. Things such as inns, furniture makers, grocery stores, and the like can be found all across these groves.

    Groves 17-21
    The main residential groves, Groves 17-21 have all sorts of living standards. Houses are on terraces formed by roots growing farther up and other roots connecting lower on the tree. The higher up the house the more prestigious the family living in it is generally the rule. While there are no nobles on the island, the truly rich ones are the ones who back the coating industry on the island. This is a pretty quiet area normally.

    Groves 22-25
    The main area where the coating takes place, both guild-affiliated and non-guild-affiliated coaters work here though it is more of the former than the latter. There are many docks in this area as well as places that store the special materials used for coating ships for their underwater journeys. Generally one will dock their ship elsewhere and then it will be moved to these Groves for coating once a deal has been made.

    Grove 26
    Grove 26, is a bit odd because it ended up growing not in direct contact with any of the other Rosevine Mangroves with a small channel of water (easily swimmable) separating it from the rest of the island. Grove 26 is the home of the 69th Marine Outpost, it holds all the buildings whether they be residences, armories, comms rooms for the marines on the outpost. It also has a small dock just for the Marine's ship. There is a wooden ferry that crosses from Grove 26 to Grove 25 four times a day. (9 am, 12pm, 3pm and 6pm).

    Coral Housing
    Placed partway up the roots of the island but under the sea level are large pieces of coral that have been hollowed out to make homes for fishmen and merfolk who wish to live on the isle. There is no large air bubble that they use to have a normal living but each coral house has its own little bubble of air so that they may cook. The air bubbles need to be refilled and there is a small service that goes from house to house doing that biweekly.[/b]

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